Bobby Dean’s Story

Bobby Dean

Bobby died when he was entrapped in a poorly designed stroller.

Submitted by his grandmother, Carol


On Thanksgiving 2007, Robert Dean (Bobby) was sleeping in a Graco stroller. His body slid out between the food tray and seat, but his head was entrapped and he suffocated. The design of the stroller allowed the gap that caused the entrapment. Bobby was seven months old and the light of our lives. He was our first grandchild — always smiling, a very healthy happy baby.

Unfortunately, there were at least four infant deaths in this stroller prior to Bobby’s. Graco redesigned newer strollers and the organization that developed voluntary standards for strollers added requirements to avoid the entrapment hazard. Yet, Graco did nothing to alert parents to the dangers in the millions of their strollers still in use or to recall the deadly design until 2010 — nearly 3 years after Bobby’s death. Another baby died in 2011 in the same style stroller. Quicker action and public warnings about the hazard would have saved lives, including Bobby’s.

We are left suffering, heartbroken and lost without our beautiful grandson and do not want another family to suffer our pain.

If Graco did the right thing, and designed a safer product, our little Bobster would still be here with us celebrating his upcoming fifth birthday.

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