Debby Sayah Progress Check

Through The Debby Sayah Grandparent Outreach Project, KID brings our workshop, Don’t Learn About Recalls from your Grandchild, to range of grandparent events including caregiver support groups, community meetings and special celebrations, such as our Grandparents Day event at Trinity Community Church in Berwyn, IL. To disseminate KID’s safety resources, we participate in safety and health events year-round. Contact KID to inquire about presentation opportunities or if you know of an upcoming community event.

Sarah Chusid with Adrian Charniak, proud grandparent and another event attendee. Thank you, Adrian, for inviting KID out to this great event!
  • (2014) KID safety tips are featured in GRAND magazine
    KID was recently published in GRAND magazine’s quarterly issue. The article covers 8 products you should be wary of when shopping for a grandbaby. As a result of our articles, grandparents can stay informed on current children’s safety issues.
  • (2013) KID begins blogging for GRAND magazine This year KID continued to expand our outreach to grandparent caregivers by providing a monthly blog to GRAND magazine. As a result of our articles, grandparents can get and stay informed on current children’s safety issues. An article on safe sleep practices was published in their quarterly magazine.
  • (2013) Grandparent Raising Grandchildren caregiver advisor safety workshop KID staff traveled to Springfield, Illinois to host a Grandparent Raising Grandchildren Illinois task force meeting to 40 grandparent caregiver advisors. At the workshop, KID described how advisors can help grandparent caregivers keep up with recall products and how to check their home for choking hazards.
  • (2012) KID hosts conference call for grandparent caregivers KID spoke with more than 15 grandparent caregivers and provided information on how they can keep children safe from dangerous products by checking their homes for recalled products.
  • (2012) KID attends Governor’s Conference on Aging KID was invited to attend the two day conference in Chicago, Illinois which attracts hundreds of grandparent caregivers across the state to display and distribute safety information.
  • (2010) Illinois Outreach: Riverdale Grandparent Presentation KID’s program director traveled out to the Riverdale Community Resource Center for a workshop on children’s product safety.
  • (2010) KID celebrates Grandparents Day On September 12, 2010, KID joined grandparents at Trinity Community Church in Berwyn, IL for a Grandparents Day celebration. KID’s program director Sarah Chusid gave a talk on children’s product safety inluding materials and tips that will help the attendees identify and remove unsafe children’s products from childcare settings.
  • (2010) New safety resource Click here to download the new grandparent-focused version of KID’s Are your kids safe? brochure. Contact Carson for information on other resources.
  • (2010) Grandparent Support Group On April 16th, KID’s program director gave a presentation on how to recognize and remove unsafe children’s products from childcare settings for a grandparent support group held at Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School in Harvey, IL.
  • (2010) Grandparent Support Group – Circle Care Community Health Center Grandparents attending their monthly evening support group meeting heard a presentation on children’s product safety given by Sarah Chusid, KID’s program director.
  • (2010) Grandparent Support Group – Austin Satellite Center of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services Grandparent patrons of the facility gathered for a workshop on identifying and removing unsafe products from childcare settings.
  • (2010) 3rd Annual Loving to Resources: City-Wide Grandparent and Relative Caregivers Resource Forum Around fifty grandparents were in attendance at Prayer & Faith Outreach Ministries as program director Sarah Chusid gave a presentation on children’s product safety.
  • (2009) Grandparents Day Email For National Grandparents Day, KID created a special email notice full of family activities that gave grandparents and their families the opportunity to learn more about children’s product safety. National Grandparents Day was founded in 1978 by Marian McQuade as a time to honor our family elders and to spend quality time with them. Forward the email on to the grandparents and families in your lives – and don’t forget to give Grandma and Grandpa a hug this Sunday!
  • (2009) City Wide Grandparent Task Force meetings In April and June, KID introduced The Debby Sayah Grandparent Outreach Project at quarterly meetings of the City Wide Task Force on Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Grandchildren, a coalition of professionals and concerned relatives who deal with grandparenting issues. At each meeting, we distributed a survey to solicit input and feedback from this panel of experts on our plans for further developing the program.

If you would like email notices and more information relating to this program, or would like to get involved contact