After debating the underlying bill and amendments all week, the Senate this afternoon passed the CPSC Reform Act of 2008 — an amazing bill that introduces many of the changes KID has been supporting for the children’s product safety system. It finally passed 79-13. Included in both the House and Senate versions of the bill is language from Representative Schakowsky’s Infant and Toddler Durable Product Safety Act, which will require CPSC to formulate mandatory safety standards for cribs, strollers, high chairs and other infant and toddler products.

Kids In Danger was founded 10 years ago after the death of Danny Keysar in an untested, unsafe portable crib. We applaud the Senate for passing this bill which will fix the flawed children’s product safety system that led to Danny’s death — it will save lives.

While the Senate and House bill will now have to be reconciled in conference, both contain important safeguards for children. In addition to the infant and toddler product standards, both increase funding for CPSC, reinstate the full five commissioners, ban lead in children’s products and more.