The circulation of dangerous toys must stop! This year already fifty-three toys have been recalled, totaling nearly 6.2 million units. Over a million toys have been pulled off store shelves for lead paint, and over 3 million for magnets. This increased rate of toy recalls shows that the Congressional action started last year is needed now more than ever.

Currently, a committee is working to hammer out the details included in the bills prepared by the House and the Senate. The objective is to incorporate points presented by both for a final version; however, there is concern that some key features will be ignored and the final version will be insufficient.

While the two versions are different, both the House and Senate introduce key points that should be incorporated for lasting change. The following outlines those provisions.
The version of H.R.4040 presented by the House includes several important provisions. First, their version states the need for an emergency provision that provides CPSC the authority to stop distribution based on hazards a product may pose. They also address conflicts of interest by banning industry-paid travel and requiring the inspection of propriety testing laboratories. If a product is deemed unsafe, their version holds manufacturers responsible for making the knowledge public via television and/or radio. Lastly, the House is considering a ban on a toxic chemical, phthalates.

Similarly, the Senate includes important features in their version of the product safety bill. They propose that voluntary toy safety testing become mandatory. Also, they add a
provision that establishes a database for the exchange of product and consumer related information and for reporting safety problems.

The increase of children’s product recalls as well as the hazards presented by some toys highlights the need for reform. The inclusion of all of these provisions is imperative in creating a strong bill that protects the lives of children. Children’s safety should be a priority! To relay this message and support a strong product safety bill, send a message to Congress through Moms Rising or Consumers Union.