The end of August marks a time of year when children across the United States begin school and settle into their academic routine. Parents, of course are simultaneously excited and stressed out over wrapping up summer activities, getting their children back into school-mode, and the annual back-to-school shopping trip. Back to school essentials generally consist of warmer clothes for the kids, school utensils, a new lunch box, and a backpack. When shopping for these items, KID urges parents to consider the product and their child’s safety.

  • Clothing – Warmer children’s clothing such as jackets, sweaters, and sportswear often have drawstrings that can catch onto play equipment or doors, and children can be subsequently strangled. This month alone, three children’s clothing items – Bongo Cheetah Girls Jackets, Request Jean Drawstring Hoodies, and Raw Blue Hood Sweatshirts, have been recalled due to drawstrings that pose a strangulation hazard.
  • Lunch Box – Excessive levels of lead paint have lead to the recall of several children’s products. Unfortunately, lead has also been found in some lunchboxes, especially those made with vinyl material. When shopping for a lunch box for your child look for those made from non-PVC materials to avoid risks associated with excessive lead content.
  • Backpack – Unfortunately, homework isn’t the only pain in the neck for kids, so are children’s backpacks! To avoid back pain and injury for children, parents should invest in backpacks that have padded shoulder straps, reflective trim and a waist belt. Backpacks should be worn 2 inches above the waist and straps should be shortened so that they do not pose a fall or strangulation hazard. When loaded, backpacks should only be 10 to 20 percent of the children’s weight to ensure their safety and health.
  • School Supplies – The task of purchasing school supplies is usually simplified for parents as teachers send home of requests; however, parents should be mindful and careful when making these purchases for their child. School utensils should be age appropriate. Store and handle items with sharp edges, such as scissors, protractors, pens, and pencils carefully. Safe guard these items with protective cases.

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