Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has again stepped up to the plate to protect Illinois consumers from dangerous children’s products. This week her office filed a lawsuit against SFCA, the company that bought Simplicity for Children’s assets. The lawsuit calls on SFCA to recall all faulty bassinets, reimburse retailers who have refunded consumers for the bassinets, publicize the recalls and institute a complete safety review of all Simplicity products still on the market.

Since 2005, Simplicity has recalled over 2.6 million cribs and bassinets for flaws that have led to at least six deaths. Most of those cribs and bassinets remain unaccounted for. The staff of Attorney General Madigan have been combing Craigslist for months, along with other online sites, for the recalled products and helping consumers participate in the recalls. Now, they have published Rest Assured, a guide to recent sleep environment recalls. This vital document should be placed in every pediatrician’s waiting room, at child care facilities, hospitals and any other place new parents might see it.

KID joined with the AG’s office at the press conference announcing the lawsuit and Rest Assured. In addition, we strongly support Attorney General Madigan’s call for refunds as the only remedy in products that have already caused a death.