CPSC released their annual report on toy injuries and deaths today — for 2007. The report shows 18 deaths from toys last year and 170,100 injuries to children under 15. The deaths were caused by drowning (six deaths – four from tricycles or other vehicles that fell into pools, one from an inflatable toy on a lake and one from a child falling in a pool after playing near it with a toy boat); choking or other airway obstruction (eight deaths — four from choking on small balls, two from balloons, one suffocation on a stuffed toy and one aspiration of a rubber dart tip); and riding toys (two deaths involving non-motorized scooter collisions with cars, one tricycle collision with a car and one fall from a tricycle).

Many of the injuries involved riding toys and 84% of those involved non motorized scooters.

CPSC also released a statement giving toy purchasing advice to parents before the upcoming holiday season. They warn parents to check their products for recalled items and other safety issues. The new law requiring certification of safety testing for toys won’t be in effect until next holiday season.