SB 2860 (Hunter), which amends the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act, passed the Illinois Senate unanimously today.

This legislation will protect Illinois’ children from lead by requiring that manufacturers include lead warning statements for painted toys, jewelry and children’s products intended to facilitate the feeding, sleeping or relaxation of children under six that that contain excess levels of lead.

Products with lead higher than the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested level of 40 parts per million (ppm) will be required to carry the warning label. The new federal law being implemented now requires lead levels of 90ppm for painted products (by August 09) and 600 ppm for jewelry and other children’s products by February 09 (the level continues to drop to a possible 100ppm in 2011).

SB 2860 allows parents to avoid products with any detectable lead, even if it is below the federal limit.