CPSC and Target announced a new notification system for product recall information in Target stores nationwide. Signs throughout the store will direct consumers to the kiosk in the guest services area where they will be able to search for recalls as well as print out the notices. The kiosks are currently used for gift registry programs.

Target will continue to post safety and recall information at Target.com, provide links to the CPSC and related Web sites, and send e-mails to guests who have purchased recalled products online. In addition, they announced a new process for eligible Target REDcard account holders, which provides recorded phone messages for consumers who purchase an item that has been recalled.

It is not clear that this new system will meet the requirements of local and state laws, such as Illinois’ Children’s Product Safety Act that require posting the recall notices in retail outlets.

CPSC used the opportunity to remind consumers that they can easily sign up for email notification of recalls at www.cpsc.gov/cpsclist.aspx.