Bugaboo has recalled almost 23,000 $500+ Bee strollers because the brakes can fail, causing the stroller to roll on inclines and possibly injure the occupant or others. With 121 reports of failure, there are no reported injuries. Bugaboo will send replacement parts to anyone who registered their stroller prior to May 1 and has an online form for others to complete to get the repair kit.

Bugaboo strollers are certified through the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association’s (JPMA) certification program, meaning they meet the voluntary ASTM standard for strollers. The ASTM standard does include testing for brake integrity; it is not known how this product performed on that test. In many cases, failures that are identified through a recall can lead to stronger standards to avoid the problem in the future. Strollers are among the products specified by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 as requiring the development of a new mandatory standard and third party testing.