The airwaves are buzzing this morning with talk of a massive recall of cribs — with drop-sides — tomorrow. While the crib makes and models aren’t known yet, it is a good opportunity to remind everyone with a baby in a crib to give their crib a once over this morning for safety.

  • Find the brand name and model and check at to make sure your crib hasn’t already been recalled. If it has, stop using immediately and contact the manufacturer for the repair, refund, or replacement. Contact information is usually listed at the bottom of the recall notice.
  • Check all hardware on your crib to make sure it is all secure and in place and not broken — look at plastic hardware especially for wear or stress marks or signs of breakage. If hardware is missing, stop using the product and contact the manufacturer for replacement hardware.
  • Set the mattress at the appropriate height and always leave the sides in the highest position. Once a baby starts to move onto their hands and knees or attempts to pull up to a standing position, move the mattress to the lowest position and remove mobiles.
  • Remove all soft bedding from the crib. Babies are safest in a bare crib, on their backs, with a sleep sack type outfit if necessary for warmth.
  • If you do have a problem with your crib, report it immediately to the manufacturer and the CPSC.
  • If you accept a hand-me-down crib, use a crib for a second child or pass yours along — always make sure it hasn’t been recalled, has all the hardware and instructions, and isn’t older than 8 years — standards have improved much since then. If it is a dropside, we would recommend NOT passing it along or using a second-hand crib.

Let us know how your crib checks out and pass this reminder onto any friends or families with babies in cribs.