Today, Infantino and CPSC announced a recall on the Infantino “SlingRider” and “Wendy Bellissimo” baby slings. Three deaths in the slings were reported in 2009. Owners of these slings should stop using it immediately and return it to Infantino for a replacement product and a very cute free infant toy. The replacement products include a different style carrier, a shopping cart cover or an activity gym.

The deaths all involved a lack of oxygen, caused by the baby’s position in the carrier. CPSC announced a warning about slings earlier and gave tips for safe usage. One easy tip to remember is that you should be able to kiss your baby while using a sling — a reminder to carry your baby high enough and with their head exposed, as well as to check their position often.

CPSC has at least 11 other reports of suffocation or positional asphyxia deaths in slings. It is not clear what other products were involved or if there will be more recalls.

CPSC also reports severe injuries, mostly involving falls and injuries to the head. KID, other consumers groups, manufacturers and CPSC are working on a standard to address safety issues with slings.