There were a disturbing number of incidents in the children’s products recalled in 2009, prior to recalls being announced. In fact, the number of reported incidents prior to recall more than doubled in comparison to 2008. In 2009, a total 4, 616 incidents were reported prior to the recall of 143 children’s products. The Adventure Playsets had 1,400 incidents reported prior to recall and Simplicity Inc. Rainforest Play Yards had 1,350 incidents prior to recall.

In addition, injuries from recalled children’s products totaled 198 before these hazardous products were recalled. Seventeen percent of children’s product recalled involved injuries prior to the recall. Thirty-five percent of recalled nursery products injuries reported before they were removed from the market. Furthermore, Evenflo (for the 3rd year in a row) cause the most injuries prior to recall- the Envision high chair was responsible for 54 injuries.

Lastly, there were nine deaths in recalled children’s products in 2009. Seven out of the nine deaths occurred in sleep environment products including drop side cribs and motions beds. For more information on 2009 product recalls please check out our recent report The Year of the Nursery Product Recall as well as