In the early 2000s, the CPSC received hundreds of reports of cords attached to yo-yo water balls wrapping around children’s heads or necks.

One Chicago-area mom, Lisa Lipin, launched a campaign and website to get the products banned. They are banned in New York, New Jersey and Illinois. CPSC never took action against the product, although the Chairman at the time, Hal Stratton, indicated he would not let his children play with the toy. Since then the group setting voluntary standards for toys instituted a test that won’t allow a string-length more than 20 inches (stretched), limiting the possibility of the cord wrapping around a child’s neck. Injuries have dropped dramatically. As of February 2009, this limit in the yo-yo ball’s cord length became a mandatory rule in the United States. CPSC recently put out a new statement, reminding parents to cut the cord off any of the older toys they might have or throw the toy away. KID urges parents not to allow children to use yo-yo balls with long cords and report it to CPSC if you see any for sale.