When CPSC recalled the Infantino SlingRider infant sling last month, they reported 3 deaths from the product in 2009. A Brooklyn mother has now come forward to say her baby also died in the sling, a month before the recall.

While the Infantino sling was recalled, other ‘bag style’ slings are still on the market. KID warns against their use. Other methods of ‘babywearing’ are available, including soft infant carriers that are tested to a voluntary standard and wraps and slings that allow a baby to be carried in an upright position. Check our some of our earlier blog posts for more information on sling use.

As for Infantino, this wasn’t their first recall or even first sling recall. The SlingRider had been recalled earlier because a plastic part could break, causing the baby to fall and the company has six other recalls for choking and lacerations hazards in toys.