This is the second of two crib recalls today. Info on the LaJobi recall is here.

It is surprising there are any Simplicity products left ‘unrecalled,’ but apparently there are. CPSC today announced that retailers who sold Simplicity cribs with tubular metal mattress supports are recalling those cribs — no one really knows how many since Simplicity itself is out of business. Some of these cribs have been previously recalled for other issues.

On these cribs, the metal mattress support can bend, deform, break or come unattached, creating an entrapment hazard. A one year old baby died in April 2008 after becoming entrapped. CPSC has at least 13 other reports on the products. But again, without Simplicity For Children company records the number of complaints and injuries could be much higher.

Fortunately retailers have risen to the occasion to offer consumers a replacement crib, refund or store credit. We wish more manufacturers would follow their lead instead of offering repair kits. Consumers should contact the store where they purchased the product to learn more.

This recall highlights that the problems with crib integrity and durability go beyond drop-side hardware. New standards being drafted by ASTM International include more testing for mattress support durability. It is believed the CPSC will incorporate those new requirements into mandatory crib standards to be adopted this year.

Consumers who have these cribs should stop using them immediately and arrange for an alternative safe sleeping environment for their baby. While this blog post deals with drop-side cribs, the advice on finding a place for your baby to sleep is relevant here as well.

If you have a Simplicity crib, play yard or bassinet (and remember some carried the Graco or Fisher Price name); we recommend you stop using it. Check to see if it is recalled and there is a retailer or licensed recall that might provide a replacement. If not, destroy the product to avoid having someone else find and use it.