The CPSC and Family Dollar Stores announced a recall today of 1.8 million toy dart games sold at the retailer. Two boys died after the small flexible suction cup dart got stuck in their throats. This follows a similar recall of another brand of darts after a death.

Henry Gordy International, the importer of the dart game, refused to recall the product. And under CPSC’s rules, there isn’t much CPSC can do about that. To force a recall would take substantial funding and a court case – something CPSC has been unwilling to pursue, especially in cases such as this where a third party steps forward to remove the product from the market and reimburse customers.

This isn’t Henry Gordy’s first dangerous product, they have recalled three other products for lead, choking and magnet hazards.

Family Dollar is offering a refund for the returned product. CPSC warns parents about the risk of these small darts or any product small enough to fit in the mouth with the round suction cup — it is too easy to swallow and then can’t be dislodged easily. Both the boys killed were with adults, but efforts to remove the dart were unsuccessful. Remind children of all ages to avoid putting this type object in their mouths.