Bayside Furnishings is issuing a second recall on the Pirates of the Caribbean youth beds sold at Costco. These beds are designed to look like boats and have toy chests in the ‘bow’ of the boat, as well as the ‘stern’ or headboard.

Previously the beds, along with other similar ones, had been recalled after the death of a 21 month old boy when the toy chest lid came down on his neck. The company offered a repair kit with replacement lid supports.

Today’s recall is for the headboard storage chest. Another preschooler was injured when his head became entrapped in that space. The new repair will permanently close that headboard storage area.

For years there have been requirements for lid supports for chests to avoid entrapment. Just last month, Target recalled a storage chest after two children were injured.

Our advice? Check your home for any storage chests. Make sure the lids stay in the position you put them when raised and do not close by themselves. Consider uncovered containers or toy boxes with very light lids that are completely removable for children’s rooms. If you have a chest that closes by itself, with a heavy lid, report it to the CPSC.