Abbott announced yesterday that it is recalling five million cans of Similac powdered formula because “it doesn’t meet our quality standards” — meaning — it may have bugs in it!

Abbott says the bugs won’t actually hurt your baby, but might cause enough gastric distress that the baby will be hesitant to eat. Sounds like hurting to me!

You can check online or call Abbott at 800.986.8850 to check your lot number and see if it is recalled. (We had trouble getting through on the phone and online this morning.) If so, Abbott will arrange to have you send the formula back for a full refund. Even with the difficulty getting through (Abbott — increase your capacity to respond to the recall!), KID recommends not using any Similac powdered formula that might be part of the recall until you are sure.

La Leche League anyone?

Update: If you are having trouble checking your lot number with Abbott, use this FDA site for more information.