September 12th is Grandparents Day, giving us all an opportunity to honor these vital family members. Many grandparents are important caregivers in their grandchildren’s lives — either for a few hours, for regular child care or even as guardians. And even more are the purchasers of many products for the new baby and nursery.
One great way to pay tribute to the grandparents in your life would be to make a donation in support of KID’s programs. In 2009, KID launched The Debby Sayah Grandparent Outreach Project, named to honor the memory of KID board member Judy Sage’s mother, to help grandparents protect their grandchildren from unsafe children’s products.
Your donation will help sustain this vital program:
  • $10 will pay for all materials needed to conduct KID’s workshop, Don’t Learn about Recalls from your Grandchild, with grandparents at a community center
  • $20 will pay for monthly email alerts with safety information and semi-annual newsletters to 5 grandparents
  • $50 will send KID’s educational brochure, Are your grandkids SAFE?, to 500 grandparents
If you make a gift to KID, we will send a Grandparents Day email greeting for you. It’s just two steps: Visit the Support Kids In Danger cause page on Facebook and use the donation button to make your gift, then send us a message on Facebook or send an email to us, with your personal message to your loved ones and the email address of the recipient(s). We’ll take care of the rest! If you want to support this vital program but do not wish to send an email message, just let us know. We will also mail a tribute notification to the recipient of your gift.