Yesterday, CPSC released the Arm’s Reach Concepts, Inc’s voluntary recall of about 76,000 infant bed-side sleepers, due to entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards.

Infants are at risk of falling from the raised mattress to the loose fabric at the bottom of the sleeper or possibly suffocating by becoming entrapped between the mattress and the sleeper. 10 reports have been filed with CPSC and Arm’s Reach, citing infants falling or becoming entrapped.
The recall includes all bed-side sleepers manufactured between September 1997 and December 2001. Model number and manufacture date can be found on a sticker on one of the product’s legs. The recall includes model numbers that begin with:
Originals: 8108, 8133, 8111, 8112 & 8199
Universal: 8311
CPSC suggests that consumers stop using the product immediately. Visit to download instructions to make sure your sleeper is assembled correctly before continuing use. Consumers can contact Arm’s Reach at (800) 954-9353 or a
Ten reports of potentially entrapped infants is troubling and just telling parents to read the instructions again doesn’t seem much of a remedy. Be very careful using this product and discontinue use until you check your assembly for any potential gaps. Bedside sleepers can form dangerous gaps between the adult bed and the product if it isn’t tightly installed, only on beds with a box spring and mattress configuration. Report any concerns with your bedside sleeper or other products to