Friday, CPSC took the unusual step of issuing a unilateral warning about a product after the manufacturer refused to participate in a recall.  As their warning and video show, the phil&ted’s metoo clip-on chair appears to pose a real danger to children.  The clamping system can fail, causing falls for the occupant. In addition, if just one clamp comes loose, the child’s fingers can be lacerated or even amputated as the chair tilts down and catches the fingers against the table edge.

Phil&ted’s website has absolutely no information, at least that is easy to find,  about this danger or any steps they might have taken, short of a recall, to make the product safer.  And as is often the case when manufacturers blame consumer use for incidents — the product packaging shows the seat being used in the very way the instructions warn against!

Most parents are not aware that CPSC has no authority to issue a mandatory recall without a lengthy process involving taking the company to court. This unilateral warning at least gives parents information they need to avoid a dangerous product and keep their children safe.

In their release, CPSC mentions injuries involving the chair, but did not give statistics or examples.  This is another little known fact — CPSC can’t report incidents involving a particular manufacturer without their permission as in a voluntary recall or, again, a lengthy legal battle.

So our advice, is to stop using this product, the phil&ted’s metoo clip on chair.  Watch the video CPSC posted and the danger becomes clear.  If you have an incident with this or any other product, report it to