HannahGood morning blogosphere! My name is Hannah Thompson and I’m the newest addition to the Kids In Danger team. I’m very excited to jumpstart some new Spanish language outreach programs and projects during my internship at KID this summer. I just graduated from Indiana University, where I majored in Anthropology and International Studies and received a minor in Spanish. I look forward to applying my knowledge of Spanish to the Kids In Danger mission, and hope to help expand their advocacy efforts to reach a larger population.

We have discussed the development of a number of Spanish language projects over the next few months. Our new educational video, Safe from the Start, will soon be available in Spanish and will be the cornerstone of our outreach efforts. Among the plans: adding Spanish language pages to our website, as well as creating a Spanish version of our educational workshop for parents. KID also hopes to increase our participation at Spanish-language community events around Chicago.

Do you know of a community event in Chicago this summer or have other ideas for outreach? If there are readers that have suggestions for us or are interested in these specific efforts, contact us.

Looking forward to an excellent summer!