sleep positioner

In early 2002, 2 month old Andy died when he suffocated on the sleep positioner in his crib.  His parents joined with KID to alert parents to the dangers of these unnecessary products. Then, in April 2010, Preston died the same way.   In September 2010 the CPSC and FDA publicly warned against their use. The agencies are aware of at least 13 deaths involving this product — bought by parents thinking it would keep their child safe.

After the warning in September, manufacturers stopped making the product and retailers stopped selling them for the most part.

But now, we see them being offered for sale again online, despite the death toll.  We urge you, if you see one of these products for sale, alert CPSC and FDA.  Don’t be fooled thinking these are safe — they have been involved with deaths and with no clear purpose, are a completely unnecessary risk.