In their efforts to create safe sleeping environments for infants, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a statement today updating their advice for parents, including opposition to the use of crib bumper pads.  In their policy statement, “SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Expansion of Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment,” The AAP details the risks of placing bumper pads in cribs.  They stress that all soft surfaces, including crib bumpers, greatly increase the risk of injury or death by strangulation, asphyxiation, and entrapment.  Click here to read their report and learn what else you can do to keep your baby safe while sleeping.

This report echoes KID’s philosophy behind “bare is best,” or that the safest crib is one free of pillows, blankets, crib bumpers, and other soft bedding.  Unfortunately, warnings on the hazards of crib bumpers came too late to reach families like Preston’s, who suffocated against his soft crib bumper at seven weeks old.  With increased media attention on the dangers of crib bumpers, KID hopes that parents with infants now will avoid this potentially deadly product.

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