A new ASTM International safety standard (F2951) requires that electrical cords on baby monitors be labeled with a strangulation hazard warning. Seven infants have strangled and lost their lives as a result of baby monitor cords. The warning labels inform parents and caregivers to keep the cord more than three feet away from the crib and out of a baby’s reach.  Labeling dangerous products is a first step, but it is not enough to ensure complete safety since parents may not notice or read the warning labels and sporadic caregivers might not see it at all.  (As part of our TEST program, KID put this problem to engineering students at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering – watch this video as they explain their design ideas)

Ten month old Savannah lost her life as a result of a cord. Her parents purchased a baby monitor to keep her as safe as possible; they placed the baby monitor where she could not reach it. However, one day she reached a milestone and learned to pull herself up into a standing position and grabbed the cord, resulting in strangulation.

This Saturday, June 23, a 5K run/walk Illinois Race for the Family supporting the Cade Foundation is taking place and will include Savannah’s Playground, a place for families to play and rest. Participants will meet in Palatine, Illinois at the Deer Grove Forest Preserve. KID will be attending and will provide a variety of child safety information.