Did you know this is National Consumer Protection Week?  KID works on protecting our youngest consumers all year long, but thought we’d use the opportunity to give parents and caregivers a few things they can easily do to protect the little consumers in their home or child care. 

  • First, visit www.KidsInDanger.org and follow our three steps to safety to remove dangerous products from your child’s environment.  Learn about recalls, register your products and alert others to this vital safety information. 
  • Check out CPSC.govHere you can search for recall information, read other consumer’s experiences with products or report dangerous products.  If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll notice the new design – let CPSC know if you find it easy to navigate or not. 
  • Sign up for KID’s monthly email alerts with our handy recall digest and email alerts from CPSC whenever a product is recalled.
  • Remove older unsafe cribs from use.  These can’t be sold or donated, but we love this blog post on creative recycling of old cribs. 
  • Whether you are looking for safe sleep tips, information on specific product hazards, or our great educational video to share with friends and families – you’ll find a treasure chest of safety information at KID’s website.

And finally, you can help KID carry consumer protection throughout the year by using Yahoo! powered GoodSearch, GoodShop and GoodDining.  Each search brings in a penny for KID and while shopping or dining, you pay the same price as you normally would, but a donation goes to support improving child product safety!  KID has a goal to raise $1,000 with 50 loyal supporters in 2013 with this program.  Make it easy by using the toolbar or app – no action required on your part once it is installed.

If you:

Perform an average of 5 searches daily

Spend $500 in online shopping annually

Spend $500 in dining annually

$18 earned

$15 earned

$17 earned

Totals: You’ll earn a $50 donation annually for KID