When Danny Keysar died, both his parents and his caregiver were shocked to find the product had been previously recalled and Danny wasn’t the first child to die.  A key part of KID’s mission is to educate parents and caregivers about unsafe products. We do this in a variety of ways but one of the most successful is through safety workshops. The presentation is interactive and completely customizable. Our goal is to have participants leave the workshop feeling a sense of empowerment with their new found knowledge about child product safety and equipped with tools to keep their children safe.

Below are five of the many reasons we think your group should consider a hosting a workshop today.

5. Safety workshops are free (for now).

They say the best things in life are free, and KID couldn’t agree more.  Currently, we are able to offer these educational trainings free of charge but we may not always be able to do so. Schedule your workshop soon to guarantee that you will get this great rate while it lasts.

4. Each participant gets a packet of educational resources

Participants get a variety of educational resources to post and share with others. KID also brings material order forms to every event, so if participants would like to order more materials, they can do so immediately.

3. You can receive professional development credit.

Professional caregivers that attend KID’s workshop Creating safe environments for children may be eligible to receive professional development credit.  KID also is the only organization that focuses exclusively on child product safety, so this is information you won’t get anywhere else.

2.) It’s engaging and educational.

Not to brag but people kind of love our workshops. We have received some great praise for our presentations over the years, but here are a few favorites. Schedule a workshop today to see for yourself!

I appreciate all the information provided. It will definitely make me more diligent about checking out all recall information in the future

I have an infant at home so I will definitely register my products and pass this resourceful information on to others.

Amazing information and so proud of a mom who can take such a tragedy and help others prevent children and families from suffering. Thank you!

1.)    Kids stay safe!

Without a doubt the best reason to participate in KID’s workshop is because the presentation will ensure that you’ll have the tools you need to keep children safe. The knowledge you gain from the experience will help you to educate others who care for children as well. Contact Carson to start scheduling a workshop for your group today.