1381802_10151812159167819_1196761118_nUpdate: HR 5348(McAsey-Pihos) passed the Illinois House Consumer Protection Committee on 3/25 by a vote of 9-5.  Illinois residents can call their House of Representatives member and urge support.  

Representative McAsey proposed a bill, HB5348, to ban bumper pads in Illinois earlier this winter. As many of you know, crib bumper pads provide no protection from serious injury in the crib and they have been linked to dozens of infant deaths.

If this bill passes, Illinois will become the second state to ban the sale of crib bumper pads. Maryland banned the sale of crib bumper pads this past summer and Chicago already bans the sale of crib bumper pads within the city limits.

While introduced in past sessions, this year we are determined to move it forward towards passage.  There is a committee hearing scheduled for the crib bumper pad ban this week.

If you support a bill that aims to protect infants by removing an unnecessary and dangerous product from their cribs while highlighting the importance of a safe sleep message, please fill out a witness slip.

Fill out the form, select that you are a proponent of the bill, and that this slip is just a record of appearance.

Let your representatives know you care about this issue and help KID protect infants from crib bumper pads.

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