Every fall, KID welcomes several University of Chicago student interns through the federal work study program. Read on to meet our 3 new interns and the goals they have for the year. Are you also interested in getting involved with our work? Then please check out our volunteer opportunities to learn how.


Miriam Hauser

A safety fact I learn at KID: ” I didn’t realize that soft bedding was dangerous for babies and infants!”

A goal for the year: “I would like to press companies and resale stores to be as committed to raising awareness about recalls of dangerous products as they are to advertising new products.” 

chloeChloe Gremaud

A safety fact I learn at KID: “I didn’t realize how little safety standards really existed for children’s products! It surprises me that it has been a fight for achieving them, rather than a given thing.”

A goal for the year: “My goal this year is to help encourage companies to think about consumer safety before profits.”

KIDpicture-NickWalkerCraig (3)Nick Walker- Craig

A goal for the year: “My goal as a new development intern at KID is not just to be effective in increasing funds, but also to use development as a way to foster advocates for children’s product safety and health. “