Fold lock side viewLARGEToday CPSC joined with agencies from Canada and Mexico to announce the recall of almost five million Graco strollers – sold for over 15 years.  The side latches on the strollers have caused fingertip amputations. Here’s what you need to know:

Is my stroller part of the recall?

The list of models included is mind-boggling.  The only way to be sure is to check your model name against this list.  Model names and date of manufacturer are printed on a white label on the stroller leg just above the rear wheels.  They date back to those sold as early as 2000 and as recently as this month.  If you have a Graco stroller – check the recall list. 

How serious are the injuries?

CPSC has eleven reports of injuries, including 10 fingertip amputations or partial amputations.  The injuries occur when children get their hand near the side latch when it is not completely closed.  Easy to see how that happens as children climb in or out of the stroller. This is the same issue that led to a huge recall of Maclaren strollers in 2009 and other recalls since.  Not sure why the Graco recall is just happening now or why models with the faulty hinge continued to be sold for so long. 

I have a stroller included in the recall.  What do I do?

Graco is preparing recall repair kits to cover the hinges and will begin mailing in December.  You can sign up on their website now to receive the kit when it ships.  In the meantime, keep little hands (and yours!) away from hinges, making sure the stroller is fully set up and the latch closed before allowing children to get in – or put it aside until the kit arrives. 

We keep hearing about this hazard – what is being done to stop designing strollers with this flaw?

The new mandatory stroller standard adopted in March of this year by CPSC will prevent this design flaw.  However, companies don’t have to meet the new standard until September 2015.  When looking for new strollers, look for those with circular hinges that don’t open to create a gap where fingers can get caught. 

What can I do to help others learn of the recall? 

Most recalled products remain in use.  With almost 5 million stroller sold over 15 years, it will be hard to reach everyone who is using one of these dangerous strollers.  We can all help.  Share the recall notice on social media.  Resale shops, child care facilities and other organizations where parents gather can post the notice.  If you see someone with the stroller with the old hinge, let them know!  Keep up on recalls – sign up at CPSC and KID for alerts of recalls.  If you are out shopping, especially resale, use KID’s mobile site to check if the product has been recalled.  If you have a problem with a stroller or any product, report it at  You can also see other consumer reports there.