Fri, Apr 8, 20111:52:47 PMSometimes parents reach out to us asking for product recommendations. Recently, we received a question about what the best stroller out there is.  But just like there’s no one car that’s best for every family (that tricked-out sports car just won’t fit a family with four kids), the stroller that’s right for your family might not be right for another.

That being said, there are certainly safety issues to be aware of in choosing a stroller for your children. In 2011, an estimated 12,900 children under the age of five ended up in emergency rooms because of injuries associated with strollers. And between 2007 and 2013 there were 33 stroller recalls, totaling 6 million units and involving 5 deaths. Reasons for recalls include:

  • Broken folding mechanisms on locks causing strollers to collapse,
  • Entrapment or strangulation risks,
  • Amputation or laceration risks,
  • Insecure seatbelts,
  • Faulty brakes,
  • And risk of injury from falling if the seat detaches.

Some of the hazards associated with strollers come about because they are often part of a travel system.  Problems arise when the car seat portion does not fully connect to the stroller or can come detached

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has standards that strollers manufactured after September 10, 2015 must meet to be sold. These standards require that all strollers be tested and labeled to limit hazards. The issues addressed by the standards and testing requirements include:

  • Hinge issues that have resulted in pinched or cut arms and fingers, or amputated fingertips. These issues have the highest injury rate of all hazards associated with strollers;
  • Broken and detached wheels;
  • Parking brake failures;
  • Locking mechanism problems;
  • Restraint issues, including children being able to unbuckle themselves and broken and loosen stroller seat belts;
  • Structural integrity; and
  • Stability

Until then, you can see if your stroller meets the ASTM standard which is the basis of the CPSC standard and look for issues such as those listed above. Please feel free to comment below if you have other safety related questions.