Illinois House FloorOn April 22, 2015 HB 3761 (McAsey) passed the Illinois House. This bill bans the sale of crib bumper pads in Illinois (already banned in Chicago). An amazing coalition of organizations came together to make this possible. Virtually every health and safety group in the state supported the bill. You can read a list of supporters and more about the bill here.

This life-saving bill now moves on to the Illinois Senate where it is sponsored by Senator Julie Morrison. Unfortunately, a “Trojan Horse” bill, introduced by industry to stop progress on a ban of these suffocation hazards, is in the Senate as well (HB 2653). This bill simply adopts the industry standard as law in Illinois – leaving most bumpers still on the market and in homes and falsely assuring parents of their safety.

If you are an Illinois resident that wants to get dangerous products out of our children’s cribs please contact your state senator and tell them you are for HB 3761 (Morrison) and opposed to HB 2653(Delgado). Then sign up for the KID Action Team so you can stay up to date on the action.