Happy Parents Day from KID!

MH900427723Today is a special day where parents should be recognized and supported in their job as parent.

Being a parent is TOUGH! Here at KID, we recognize the hard work that our parents put in at keeping their children safe. KID takes child safety very seriously and wants to help provide parents with updated safety references to help our parents stay up-to-date with the latest safety tips and product safety news.

Online Safety Resources

Car Seat Safety

Cert.safekids.org will help educate parents on proper car seat installation, as well as have your car seat checked by a local certified child passenger safety technician.

Ingestion of Harmful Substances

Illinois Poison Center has a 24/7 helpline that you can call at: 1(800)-222-1222 if you fear that your child has ingested a harmful substance. The helpline staff are specially trained medical experts. If you have any questions, about whether the substance your child has ingested is harmful or not, you can call the number above or visit mychild ate…

Food Allergies

Kids with Food Allergies is a website that helps educate parents on how to navigate having a child with a food allergy. The website give information about food allergy facts, up-to-date research, recipe substitutions, webinars and support forums. 

                                 Sunscreen Products                               

Healthy Child is a website dedicated to educating parents on the best products to use on kids, as well as gives them a non-toxic and organic alternative to things such as sunscreen. The article linked is written specifically for sunscreen safety.  

Unsafe Products

Safer Products is a website that enables parents to report unsafe products, learn about recalls and learn about trending concerns of other parents.

Product Safety

KID is your go to website for product safety. Check recalls on the go by visiting KidsInDanger.org from your smartphone device.