snowy-sceneIt’s cold outside! Keep these safety tips in mind as you and your family prepare for these snowy, winter days ahead.

Drawstrings: Look out for drawstrings, which can be found in winter coats, jackets, and sweatshirts. These can catch on other items and pose a strangulation hazard for children. Either pull or cut drawstrings out of children’s clothing.

Over- heating: In the crib, don’t overwrap a baby or use thick blankets; use wearable blankets instead. Blankets and other soft bedding in the crib pose a suffocation risk, and overheating has also been linked to SIDS. Check out KID’s safe sleep tips here.

Car seats and heavy coats: Clothing such as heavy coats, thick sweaters, and snowsuits create too much space between a child’s body and the car seat harness. The harness should be as close to a child’s body as possible. A good idea is to walk to the car with coats on, warm the car up, and remove coats and then buckle up! Older kids can put their coats back on backwards once they are buckled.

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