fv-prestonOn April 8, 2010, 7 week-old Preston died from suffocation in his crib. Preston rolled out of his sleep positioner and into the bumper pad in his crib and consequently smothered to death.

This week, Preston would have celebrated his 6th birthday. In memory of Preston, we would like to raise awareness about the continuing dangers of sleep positioners and bumper pads. In September of 2010, the FDA and CPSC warned parents and caregivers to not use sleep positioners after reviewing 12 infant deaths associated with the products. Sleep positioners are no longer sold in stores, but still remain in online markets.

Furthermore, although Preston smothered on the bumper pad in his crib, bumper pads still remain in stores (except in Maryland and Chicago). KID’s Executive Director, Nancy Cowles, appeared on the Dr. Oz show last month to discuss the dangers of bumper pads and to encourage families everywhere to #Saynotobumpers.

To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that bumper pads not be used in cribs. There is no evidence that bumper pads prevent injuries and there is potential risk of suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment. The AAP also offers the follow recommendations:

  • Always place your baby on his or her back for every sleep time.
  • Always use a firm sleep surface
  • Keep soft objects or loose bedding out of the crib (including pillows, blankets, and bumper pads)

KID will continue to raise awareness about the dangers of bumper pads and work to remove them from all shelves. You can support this goal by signing and sharing Dr. Oz’s petition urging the CPSC to take action and remove bumper pads from store shelves.

Use the hashtag #FamilyVoicesFriday to share Preston’s story and bring awareness to the dangers of bumper pads.

To report an unsafe product, please visit SaferProducts.gov .

To check for product recalls, please visit: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/