safeproductsblogpicIn 2011, the CPSC launched is a user-friendly, government-run, consumer incident database that provides safety reports on children’s products, allowing you to report an unsafe product, and contains information that can help you make a decision that will help protect your child from dangerous products. Today is the site’s 6 year anniversary.

KID urges parents, grandparents, and caregivers to use to not only report dangerous child products, but also to stay up-to-date on safety information. fills a major gap in the recall process. Recalls can take years to be issued—thereby putting your child in harm’s way during the process. aims to prevent this risk of harm by putting more power into the hands of the consumer. The database allows you to report an unsafe product and access current safety information about products. All reports are verified for accuracy before being published so you can be assured you are receiving correct information.

If you wouldn’t see a movie or visit a restaurant without checking its reviews, why would you buy a toy, stroller, crib, or other children’s product without checking the safety review? Don’t wait for a product to be recalled before removing it from your home. For instance, you might find a great activity jumper at a garage sale?  If you check it out on, you might not only learn of the recall of Baby Einstein Activity Jumper but can read the dozens of incidents both before and after the recall of babies being hit in the face with one of the toys – leading to all kinds of injuries.  Giving you the information you need to put it back and keep looking for that ‘find’. Use to check your products and help keep you children safe.