151106_gma_brianross2_6_16x9_992April 3rd– 9th is Window Safety Week. Windows rank as one of the Top 5 Hidden Hazards in the home according to the CPSC. Windows are especially dangerous because they can pose a number of threats to children. In 2015, more than 3,300 children were seriously injured from falling out of a window. In addition, window covering cords can cause strangulation. According to the CPSC, about one child per month dies from window covering cord strangulation.  Fortunately, retailers are taking note of the dangers of window cords and many have fallen in line with the #GoCordless movement. Target, IKEA, and SelectBlinds.com have stopped selling corded window coverings. Fortunately, most injuries from windows are preventable. Follow these tips to make your home windows safe:

  • Screens keep bugs out, but they do not keep children in; install window guards or stops to prevent falls
  • Always supervise children and keep their play area away from windows
  • Keep windows without guards or stops closed and locked when children are present
  • Keep furniture away from windows as they could tempt a curious child to climb and potentially fall
  • Use cordless window treatments. When visiting a home with corded window coverings, make sure all cords are up and out of reach of children

For more information on how to make your home window safe, check out the resources below: