toysafetycar-150x150This week 4 years ago, the KID mobile site was launched! KID teamed up with WeMakeitSafer and Table XI to develop this site which makes it easier for parents and caregivers to shop smart for their kids. The site can be accessed by visiting from a smartphone.

The site is easy to use; just type in the name or manufacturer of the product in the search bar at the top of the page. You can even type in a product category such as ‘strollers’ to see all stroller recalls.  In addition to recall searches, the site lists the most current children’s products recalled, latest safety news, as well as access to KID’s full site.  And you can sign up for monthly KID email alerts.

KID hopes that the mobile site allows parents and caregivers have access to the latest recalls and safety alerts at their fingertips. Just as you’d look for reviews on a movie or restaurant before spending money, you can use the KID mobile site to check for safety information as you shop for children’s products. Other features of the app include more information about KID, recent product safety news, and links to KID’s social media sites. You can also click and go directly to KID’s home site.

The KID mobile app is another resource for parents and caregivers to use to keep their kids safe. Sign up for monthly email alerts to have a list of the months recalled products delivered to your inbox monthly.