The week of June 20, KID Executive Director, Nancy Cowles, took KID’s safety message to Beijing China.  Beijing was the site of the Fifth China – United States – European Union Consumer Product Safety Tri-Lateral Summit.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) invited KID as a non-governmental presenter.  The summit focused on the safety of e-commerce and it was to this that KID directed our remarks.

Consumers, retailers, manufacturers and regulators all play a part in the safety of products sold online.  Consumers expect and deserve the same quality and safety of products as they purchase in brick and mortar stores.  This includes clear warnings and age guidelines for children’s products as well as assembly and use instructions.  KID encouraged consumers to use review sites and to both learn of others’ experiences and report their own.  Knowing standards that apply, seeking out additional best practices and providing online safety information should be the responsibility of online sellers.  In addition, regulators must monitor, provide guidance and take action against companies selling unsafe products.  KID’s full presentation is available here.

In addition to the presentation at the Summit, Nancy also met with leading business organizations in her role as President of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) along with ICPHSO Executive Director Marc Schoem.  To increase the value of ICPHSO conferences and membership, it is vital to have wide participation, both globally and with all stakeholders.

Beijing is an exciting place to visit and it was a great opportunity to talk about safety and KID’s mission with a global audience and broaden our reach.