KID appreciates the dedication and hard work of our interns, who play essential roles in the important work we do. After a yearlong internship, Samantha and Amanda reflect on their time at KID, looking back on valuable learning experiences and taking pride in the difference they have made in keeping children safe:


I started working at KID in October of 2015. I can’t believe the year is already over! As a Master of Social Work student, I found my time at KID to be extremely valuable. It provided me with insight into the inner-workings of small nonprofits, exposed me to a social issue and vulnerable population I was unfamiliar with, and thereby provided me with a new lens to view the world and social work. Before I began working for KID, I was unaware of the dangers of everyday household products and how many children/babies are injured and/or killed by inadequate child product safety. KID opened my eyes to the issue and showed me the various ways it tackles the problem. Partaking in the education/outreach, development, research, and advocacy projects provided me with a well-rounded, invaluable experience. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization with a powerful mission. Thank you Nancy and Laura for having me and teaching me so much about the child safety field and non-profit/organizational management as well. My experience at KID is one that will greatly contribute to my future professional endeavors.


My experience at KID started last June 2015. I was in search for an internship in the non-profit sector. When I saw KID was looking for interns, never did I imagine that I would be meeting and working with such amazing, hardworking, dedicated co-workers. Before KID I had never heard of this organization, but I was eager to learn more about them. My first day was full of anxiety and nerves but once I came into the office, everyone was warm and friendly. I knew from that first day that I had made the right decision to intern here. KID gave me the opportunity to show off what I could do and I am grateful for it. At KID, I was an Education and Outreach Intern assisting Laura Nikolovska, the Program Director. I collected data and followed up with past participants who attended our training workshops. I also traveled to different areas around Chicago to represent KID at community fairs. Later on in my internship, I assisted Laura Ford, our BFA Event Planner, in collecting prizes for this year’s Best Friend Award Night. I was given more responsibilities that made me learn how to take initiative and be held accountable. I am happy to say that I helped raise awareness in improving children’s product safety. An important issue that often gets overlooked unless it happens to you. I am proud to say I have worked at KID and that even as I move on in my professional career, they will continue to educate and inform the public as well as fight for safer products. Thank you for letting me be a part of KID! I will never forget my experience here.