KID was foThank You Twortunate enough to work with bright, dedicated interns and volunteers this summer. Get to know our team!

Maya Baumann

Maya is entering into her third year at the University of Chicago and is majoring in German and Music. This summer, she spent most of her time working on the furniture report. Of the press conference for the furniture report, she says, “It was great to see so many reporters interested in covering the story and know that through them our message was able to reach a much larger audience.”

Stephanie Flores

Stephanie is entering into her junior year at Bates College and is studying Rhetoric, Spanish and Studio Art. She began volunteering with KID in June and left in July to travel to Rome for study abroad! Stephanie’s Spanish-speaking skills helped KID in a multitude of ways; she assisted with translation of some KID materials and at events and workshops held within the Latino community.

Grace Francque

Grace is entering into her freshman year at Jones College Prep. She began volunteering at KID in July. Grace has spent her time at KID working on social media from week to week.

Cindy Liu

Cindy is attending Depaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and majoring in Marketing Analysis. She began volunteering in mid-August and has helped KID manage data and reports. She says, “As an international student, volunteering at KID has been a special experience for me to learn about non-profit organizations, which I had not been familiar with in the past. KID has not only given skills but has made me care more about people and the surrounding environment.”

Ragini Sharma

Ragini is entering into her senior year at Waubonsie Valley High School. She began volunteering with us in June and has spent a lot of her time managing the KID Running Team Facebook page. “I think the congenial atmosphere and the warmth of the office would be the most memorable aspect of this experience,” she says. “Everyone was so nice and understanding which was especially comforting because I had no clue what to expect when I walked in.”

Clarissa Qu

Clarissa is entering into her last year of graduate school at Depaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and majoring in Marketing Analysis . She started volunteering with KID in June and has brought a knack for video filming and editing to the table. She helped create KID’s new Quick Tip series and says, “The quick tip series just started and it actually has been getting more and more people’s attention, which is very rewarding for me to see.”

Kim Vong

Kim is entering into her first year at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. She started in July and has spent most of her time working on grants. She hopes to gain a body of knowledge of the grant-writing process and to put that to use working for non-profits in the future.

Anne Wang

Anne is entering into her second year at the University of Chicago and is planning on majoring Economics and Visual Arts. Anne has brought her artistic eye to many tasks at KID, working on improving many aspects of our social media presence. She has begun a project, which she hopes to continue into the school year, that focuses on the safety needs of under-resourced communities. She says, “. My relationships with the organization, our executive director, Nancy, and all my coworkers were the most rewarding parts of this experience.”

The entire team agrees that meeting Tony, our building’s elevator operator, was a great part of the experience!

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