Ethan was an energetic and curious baby who loved to explore his environment. His parents would place him in the Baby Trend Home and Roam portable crib so that he could watch and learn from everyone around him.

Sadly, this week marks the 16th anniversary of Ethan’s death from this product. One day, as Ethan tried to pull himself up, the portable crib rail collapsed and strangled him. He was eight months old. This portable crib was a hand-me-down, and none of the previous owners had trouble with it before. Neither Ethan’s parents nor the people who gave them the portable crib knew that this model had been recalled. Eventually, we learned that 19 children died in cribs of this design, including Danny Keysar, the son of KID’s founders.

Ethan’s parents bravely shared their story with KID so that other parents would know to check their products for recalls, whether they came from a store, a garage sale, or as a hand-me-down. Ethan’s mother, Laura, shared: “Please be vigilant and check your baby’s products, because you never believe it could happen to your family.” Hand-me-downs are not always safe and could malfunction at any moment, even though they have years of being “kid-tested.” For more information about how to safely buy or sell used children’s products, refer to our Buy Safe, Sell Safe checklist.

Likewise, check if a product has been recalled using You can also sign up to receive KID’s monthly list of all the new children product recalls.

We will continue to honor Ethan by holding manufacturers accountable and fighting to make sure the U.S. upholds the highest possible safety standards for children’s products.

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