‘Tis the season for spending time with family both near and far. This season can be a busy time for traveling, whether it’s to a different state or a different city. Here at KID we’d like to make those travel plans as safe as possible for you, your children, and your infants. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind while traveling:

Double-check your car seat or booster seat. Check to see that your car seat is age-appropriate and that it has not been recalled. Visit NHSTA to see if your car seat was one of the many recalled already this year. On Safe Kids webpage you can check to see that your child’s car seat is the right fit for their age. Lastly, remember that any child shorter than 4’9” should travel in a booster seat.

Choose a safe sleeping option. When choosing a portable sleep space remember to follow the same safe sleep guidelines you follow at home. Avoid sleeping nests or cushions while also ensuring that your baby is the only thing in the sleep space. Also, remember to check that you’re the portable crib meets current federal safety standards.

Choose trusty car toys. Remember that you can’t have your eyes in the rearview mirror at all times – so it’s important to allow your child to play with toys that can be trusted for independent use. To avoid a choking hazard or ingestion hazard, stay away from toys with small pieces or screws that could come loose. If you’re traveling with children of different ages have conversations with your older children about keeping their small toys to themselves.

KID has your family’s safety in mind this holiday season. Keep an eye out for KID on Facebook or Twitter for more safety updates for the holidays and every day, or check recalls on the go by visiting www.KidsInDanger.org.