Over 3,500 babies die each year in unsafe sleep environments. That’s why KID released a new video giving quick tips to help your baby sleep safely.

Follow the A-B-C’s of safe sleep:

  • Babies are Alone in their own separate sleep space.
  • Babies are placed to sleep on their Back, and
  • Babies sleep in a Crib, play yard or bassinet that meets the federal safety standard.

Crib bumpers and other soft bedding have been linked to suffocation.  The baby’s sleep area should be clear of pillows, blankets, and any other products.

Also, choose cribs that have been manufactured after the date of the most recent federal safety standard, June 28th, 2011.

Go to the CPSC’s website or sign up for their app (link) to find out if your crib or any of your child’s products have been recalled.

For more information on safe sleep visit our sleep page, and share our new video to give other families this lifesaving information. A shorter version of the video to share on social media is available here.