800 million people in 70 countries use Facebook Marketplace every month to buy new and used products such as toys, cribs, and furniture. Shockingly, Facebook Marketplace does not allow users to report recalled products. In 2018, over 2 million units of children’s products were recalled, and although illegal, many can end up for re-sale.

Just this week, KID found a recalled Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play for sale on Facebook Marketplace (screenshot left). Over 30 infants died from the Rock ‘n Play before it was recalled, and about 4.7 million units were originally sold. A parent may purchase a recalled product through the Marketplace and inadvertently put their child at risk. Facebook currently has several options when filing a report against a seller or product, but a recalled product is not an option.

Click here to tell Facebook to allow users to report recalled products on Facebook Marketplace.

Select “Marketplace” under “product or feature” and tell Facebook to allow users to report recalled products.

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If you use websites like Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell products, check first if they’ve been recalled here.