Every summer, KID is excited to welcome a new team of interns and volunteers – as well as welcome back familiar faces. KID’s interns will work on a wide variety of projects, such as education and community outreach, research and report writing, advocacy, and social media, all while learning skills that they can use in their future careers and education. Learn more about our summer team below. We’re thrilled to have them!


Olivia Reeves

“My name is Olivia Reeves, and I am a rising third year at the University of Chicago studying English, Human Rights, and Gender Studies. I am joining KID as the 2019 Summer Links Cohort Intern through the University Community Service Center. I hope to attend law school and pursue a career in human rights law following my graduation and am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in a social reform organization like KID this summer. I am very interested in the outreach and literature publication goals of KID, as I have a background in public speaking and policy journalism, and believe that change is the product of communication. I am also very excited to learn and observe the research and watchdog aspects of product safety, as well as the inner workings of a nonprofit overall. My internship with KID will provide me with a wonderful insight into the different aspects of policy development and advocacy work that bring about positive results, and will subsequently help shape my understanding of and enthusiasm for the field I hope to enter.”

Consuelo Lopez

“My name is Consuelo Lopez, I am 28 years old and I moved from Chile to begin a new life in gorgeous Chicago in 2017. What I like most about this city is its diverse communities, and opportunities to work in different fields independently of your background. I graduated from law school at the National Andres Bello University, Chile, and I got my major in Family Law. However, since I came here I decided to turn my career and look for new opportunities. Therefore, I started working as a Spanish teacher for an after-school program at Chicago Public Schools. I am a really passionate person in advocating for children’s and women’s rights. I have been working to defend unprotected folks by volunteering in different governmental and private organizations in Chile and the U.S. For that reason, when I heard about KID I thought that its mission would be perfect for me as a way to learn about the product safety field and to keep me up with new challenges related to my English skills. I am thrilled to work at KID and to use my skills to help the team as much as I can.”

Aliya Syed

“My name is Aliya Syed, and I am a senior at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Human Services with minors in Arabic and Psychology. I stumbled upon Kids In Danger when seeking an experiential learning opportunity. Assisting in the production of the annual Best Friend Award Night introduced me to the need for product safety advocacy. When I was asked to intern this summer, I knew the opportunity would allow me to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of operating a nonprofit. Checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website and informing friends and family about product safety have become routine activities for me. I thank KID for this privilege to work with them to advocate, promote, and fight to make products safer for the children who use them.”

Lesley Arroyo

“My name is Lesley Arroyo. I am currently an undergraduate student at Dominican University, majoring in Psychology and aspiring to get my masters in Speech Pathology. I am excited to be interning with Kids In Danger over the summer. My passion for advocating led me to KID. At Dominican, I am part of the Immigrant Student Collective group (DISC), which focuses on advocating for a safe space and provides resources to undocumented students on campus. My work with DISC and KID are similar. I had the opportunity to create announcements and photos for KID’s social media accounts to bring awareness of recalled items and safety tips, and helping out by writing blog posts on child safety. I became interested in KID’s mission to fight for product safety and reach many communities. As a native Spanish speaker, I wanted to improve my translating skills. Therefore KID has allowed me to translate a few of their documents and videos. I am eager to continue to learn more with KID and getting to see behind the scenes of how a nonprofit works. I hope to continue advocating for better product safety and informing other communities on the importance of recalled items.”

Abby Jakus

“My name is Abby Jakus, and I recently finished my second of three years at McGill University, where I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and education. I was born and raised in Chicago’s Old Town, and throughout my high school and university experiences have focused on service for others, with an emphasis on children. At McGill, I’ve volunteered at our on-campus daycare for the past two years, and have also served as a volunteer English tutor for refugees hoping to pass various English language competency exams. I’ve also worked as a camp counselor at a local day camp in Chicago for the past four summers, and so thoroughly believe in KID’s mission to fight for product safety for children. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about KID’s mission, day-to-day activities, and outreach through my time here this summer.”

Stella Van Den Eeden

“My name is Stella Van Den Eeden and I have been interning at KID since Fall 2017. I have recently graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Next fall I will be continuing my education at Loyola for my masters as part of their five-year BSW/MSW program with a specialization in Leadership and Development of Social Services. My passion for policy and wanting to advocate on a larger scale for social issues is what led me to be interested in KID. As well as how unknown the issue of child product safety was to me. Through interning at KID, I have learned so much about the different safety issues within child product safety, as well as the importance of spreading safety tips to parents, caregivers, and anyone who interacts with children. At KID I have gotten the opportunity to really learn how a nonprofit works by helping to write blogs, plan social media posts, and the 20th-anniversary gala. I am excited to continue interning at KID and expanding my knowledge of advocating for a safer world.”

Melissa Budisch

“My name is Melissa Budisch, and I am currently a senior at the University of Dayton, where I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and social work. I was born and raised in Wheaton, IL, and throughout my time at university, I have found a passion for service with an emphasis on children. At Dayton, I’ve volunteered for several organizations that work to better the lives of children in the area, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, and worked as a research assistant for a psychology professor on campus. I’ve also worked at a treatment program for children and adolescents in Wisconsin. I wanted to work with KID because I truly believe in their mission to fight for product safety for children. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about KID’s mission and the research that they have conducted, as well as helping their team advocate for such an important cause.”