Today, KID released a new report detailing missed opportunities in sharing recall information. We found that an alarming number of recalling companies didn’t post about their recalled children’s products on their website or social media.

Between July 2017 and June 2019, 122 children’s products were recalled by the CPSC. Only 65% of recalling companies had information about the recall on the company’s website. KID also identified an issue with CPSC’s press releases for the recalls. Some of the websites listed on recall pages link to entirely different and unrelated pages, which puts another barrier in the way of consumers participating in a recall. In addition to the incorrect sites, we also found links that simply sent the consumer back to the CPSC announcement in an endless loop. The chances of recalled products staying in homes and child care facilities increase if a consumer cannot find the recall participation information.

Additionally, our research found that 52% of recalls were not promoted by the recalling company on any social media platforms. When consumers aren’t aware of recalls, they continue to use dangerous products, which puts families at risk.

KID recommends that the CPSC establish a mandate for companies to provide a recall webpage to ensure that everyone who bought a recalled product has easy access to information to participate in the recall remedy. In addition, companies should be encouraged to use robust methods to reach consumers through social media and direct communication. The CPSC must make stronger efforts to assure that the company website provides information allowing the consumer to participate in the recall.

Please let us know if you’ve had an issue learning about or participating in a recall.