We hope that our KID community is staying safe and finding enough to do while we all practice “social distancing.”

In light of everything happening surrounding COVID-19, KID is still working to keep kids safe from hazardous products. We will be remaining open and working remotely during this time and any questions can be sent via email.

While we’re staying indoors, here are some ideas of safety activities you can do at home to pass the time:

  1. Check for recalls. Take inventory of the products you have in your home and search on CPSC’s website to see if there are any active recalls on your products. This is an activity kids might want to help out with!
  2. Register products. Now is a good time to register your furniture and children’s products. Check out our Manufacturer Directory for common brands and their registration pages.
  3. Secure furniture. Anchor dressers, bookcases, and other large furniture items to the wall to prevent tip-overs. Learn more about tip-overs and how to properly secure furniture here.
  4. Check Facebook marketplace for recalls. Facebook has banned selling recalled items yet a quick search routinely finds recalled products still for sale. If you see a recalled product for sale, report it. Learn more about Facebook’s ban.
  5. Update your knowledge of keeping kids safe by checking out KID’s webinars and videos on safety.