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YP Board Happy Hour Fundraiser: Aug 30

KID FY 2020 Annual Report

JUNE 2019 – MAY 2020

Dear KID Friends & Supporters

Dear KID friends and supporters,

The fiscal year covered by this report ended on May 31, 2020—a little over two months into the stay-at-home orders and as the impact of COVID-19 was becoming evident. As you’ll read and see below, KID’s work continued as we began to work remotely and had to postpone our KID’s Best Friend Award Night, which was later held in October—virtually.

Our commitment to protecting children by fighting for product safety stayed strong. We pivoted to online webinars to give parents and caregivers the tools they need to keep children safe and kept up our efforts to promote the development of safer products and increase transparency and accountability through KID’s strong advocacy for all our children.

KID was humbled to receive a generous donation from the family of Josef Dudek as part of the family’s settlement with IKEA. Josef died in 2017 when an IKEA dresser tipped over on him. This will power our advocacy on furniture stability into the future and support of parents and organizations such as Parents Against Tip-overs (PAT). It will lead to safer furniture—and safer homes for children.

2020 has been a strange year but KID’s lifesaving work fighting for children’s product safety has continued through it all. Keep scrolling and learn more about our efforts and progress – thanks to your support.

Nancy Cowles
Executive Director
Shawn Kasserman

KID Mission & Focus

Kids In Danger (KID) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by fighting for product safety.

Since it’s founding, KID has focused on supporting and empowering parents whose children have been injured or killed by dangerous products.  In February 2020, in conjunction with the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization Symposium, KID pulled together consumer advocates along with parents to begin to build a stronger voice to advocate for children.

Our mission is to save lives by enhancing transparency and accountability through safer product development, better education and stronger advocacy for children. 

KID was founded by the parents of Danny Keysar who was killed by a poorly designed recalled portable crib in his child care home.

View More Family Voices


Advocacy has always been at the core of KID’s mission. As a voice for parents, KID speaks to regulators, policymakers, media and other organizations about making products safer. KID works to increase transparency of product safety information, improve recall effectiveness, address emerging hazards, and encourage strong compliance activities.

Big Data and Tech

New technology and resources allow us to use big data to gain insight into consumer experience with products, including potential hazards. Our goal is to use big data to 1) identify problems based on trends before they become issues and 2) identify safety issues and make them accessible to parents and providers.

Design Safety

KID works with universities on project-based learning to integrate design safety into the curriculum. We are beginning to reach product designers, marketers and engineers with our toolkit to integrate safety from the beginning and throughout the process.

Public Education & Outreach

KID remains true to our goal of providing parents and caregivers with the tools they need to keep children safe. KID is forming new connections and strengthening existing partnerships to distribute our materials through new and more efficient pathways.

KID Board of Directors

June 2019 to May 2020

Shawn KassermanPresident
Marisol Pantoja, MBA, CPATreasurer
  • Rose Cammarata
  • Larry Golden
  • Amy Hill
  • Amy Hogan
  • Heather L. Mason
  • Donald Mays
  • Susan Nied
  • Kyran Quinlan
  • Ayesha Rafique
  • Shehnaz Safiuddin
  • David Zivan
  • KID Staff

    Nancy CowlesExecutive Director
    Dev GowdaAssistant Director
    Natalija KosicAdministrative Assistant

    Young Professionals Board

    In August 2019, nearly 40 people attended KID’s Young Professionals Board (YPB) summer fundraiser, #KickBackWithKID. The YP Board’s mission is to engage and encourage other Chicago area young professionals to share resources, time, and talent to support KID. The event raised over $2,000 and attendees enjoyed great raffle prizes and our wine toss game, along with food and beverages at a beautiful restaurant veranda in Chicago’s Loop – all while learning more about KID. Contact KID if you are interested in joining the YPB.

    Young Professionals Board

  • Poonam SharmaPresident

  • Tom Buck
  • Mike Butler
  • Hannah Costigan Cowles
  • Anne Kozisek
  • Chuck Porcelli
  • Tommie Robinson
  • Sheila Shankar
  • Jess Williams
  • Work Study, Interns and Volunteers

  • Caheri Aguilar
  • Matthew Arakaky
  • Lesley Arroyo
  • Courtney Batiste
  • Melissa Budisch
  • Sergii Burgazlieiev
  • Kasey Campos
  • Emily Cohn
  • Laura Cooper
  • Ashley Daniel
  • Alanna Davis
  • Genevieve DeGange
  • Brinson Elliott
  • Zheng Gao
  • Roberta Goldner
  • Sarah Hurwit Gomel
  • Samantha Herrera
  • Abby Jakus
  • Arielle Jones
  • Hyun Jin Kwon
  • Frank Li
  • Consuelo Lopez
  • Matthew Markman
  • Maria Mendoza
  • Riley Mortara
  • Jordan Mullen
  • Esmeil Naqeeb
  • Luka Nusubaliev
  • Daisy Okoye
  • Lanz Orpilla
  • Madeleine Phelan
  • Alyssa Reese
  • Olivia Reeves
  • Nick Reyno
  • Ishaan Singh
  • Brianna Siracuse
  • Shay Soodak
  • Aliya Syed
  • Tony Taitano
  • Stella Van Den Eeden
  • Guilherme Vasconcellos
  • By the Numbers


    volunteer hours ($46,385 value)



    work study hours ($26,271 value)



    total hours $72,656 value

    How Interns and Volunteers Spend Their Time

    The Year in Action

    Seeking Safety: 2019 Children’s Product Recalls

    This year’s Children’s Product Recalls report released in March 2020 revealed data for 58 recalls that took place in 2019, a slight 11.5% increase from 52 in 2018. 2019 saw the highest number of children deaths (38) in 19 years of KID’s work, 37 of which were related to the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play and Kids II inclined sleepers, recalled years after the first incidents. Note that the number of deaths related to inclined sleepers has increased since the time of the recall. KID’s research also found that furniture recalls are on the rise, with 10 recalls in 2019, causing one tip-over-related death. Social media usage for recall postings remains low, with only 52% of children’s product recalls posted on the CPSC’s Facebook page, 59% on Twitter and merely 5% on Instagram. KID recommends policymakers ban and recall all inclined sleepers and to establish mandatory dresser standards to prevent tip-overs. Additionally, we urge the CPSC and recalling companies to better publicize recalls on social media to keep parents informed.

    Infant Inclined Sleepers Lead to High Number of Deaths Before Recall

    CPSC Social Media Usage for Recalls Remains Low

    Percentage of Recalls Posted on Social Media by Recalling Companies Remains Low

    In FY 2020, KID distributed OVER 5,100 booklets and other safety info including:

  • ProductTotal Distributed
  • Children's Product Safety Guide (English):577
  • Children's Product Safety Guide (Spanish):116
  • Are Your Kids Safe? Brochure (English): 340
  • Are Your Kids Safe? Brochure (Spanish): 272
  • Safe Sleep Checklist: 311
  • Brochures for Grandparents: 59
  • Bookmarks: 2,779
  • Magnets: 345
  • KID provided 425 health care providers, child care providers and parents with our Creating Safe Environments and Safe Sleep in-person and virtual workshops and reached 980 families at fairs and outreach events throughout Illinois and virtually including:

    • Rush Hospital & University
    • Simpson Academy
    • Illinois Head Start Association 2020 Conference
    • Naperville Early Childhood Resource Fair
    • Bellwood Early Childhood Center Community Expo
    • Berwyn Health & Fitness Fair
    • Family Wellness & Back to School Fair (Belmont Cragin, Chicago)
    • Family Health & Fitness Fair (Douglas, Chicago)
    • Molina Healthcare of Illinois Baby Shower (Aurora, IL)
    • Look What Parents Can Do Conference and Fair (Pilsen, Chicago)
    • Back to School Health Fair (Hermosa, Chicago)
    • Rush University Preemie Picnic, Chicago
    • Good Shepherd Center (Hazel Crest, IL)
    • Virtual Safe From the Start Presentations for providers, health professionals, parents, au pairs

    KID Looks to Universities for Design Solutions for Safety

    KID continued its efforts in the Teach Early Safety Testing (TEST) Program, collaborating with university engineering departments. One team of students at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute took a closer look at bedroom dressers which pose a threat to small children given their potential to tip over. The team researched and analyzed different dresser morphology and anchoring strategies. Their final design had a low center of gravity making it less prone to tip-overs and a mechanism that prevented the bottom most drawer from being opened by small children.

    KID Design Safety Toolkit

    KID is focusing efforts on preventing injuries with a key initiative to develop a Design Safety Toolkit for entrepreneurs and small or start-up companies. Our goal is to reach product designers, marketers, and engineers with the toolkit to integrate safety from the beginning and throughout the product development process. This involves understanding consumer behavior, being able to predict consumer use patterns, and tools to analyze, evaluate and anticipate potential hazards while still in the design phase. The first step was to pull together an Advisory Committee with a breadth of knowledge and experience. This kicked off in early 2020. Work is continuing with the toolkit release planned for mid-2021. Browser Extension

    A second project to give consumers more information about products they may buy for their families is a Google Chrome Browser Extension that will allow consumers to view recalls, safety information and more while shopping on various online sites. The original prototype was given to KID by two Virginia Tech students. Now, with support from a board committee, programming and development support from Simply-bi, and a great team of volunteers, is reaching Beta test status.

    Financial FY20

    Summary of Financial Position as of May 31, 2020


  • Current Assets
  • Fixed Assets
  • Total Assets
  • $446,935
  • $0
  • $446,935
  • Liabilities & Net Assets

  • Current Liabilities
  • Net Assets
  •    Without Donor Restrictions
  •    With Donor Restrictions
  •    Total Net Assets
  • Total Liabilities & Net Assets
  • $47,250
  • $66,352
  • $333,333
  • $399,685
  • $446,935
  • Summary of Revenues & Expenses

    Net Assets Support

  • Net Fundraising Support
  • Public Contributions
  • Interest Income
  • Total Support
  • ($12,545)
  • $490,732
  • $269
  • $478,456
  • Expenses

  • Program Services
  • Administration
  • Total Expenses
  • Increase in Net Assets
  • $226,847
  • $46,367
  • $273,214
  • $205,242
  • Summary of Expenses

    Sources of Support

    Wine Tasting Fundraiser

    On October 15, 2019, KID’s Board of Directors and Young Professionals Board hosted our second annual fall wine tasting fundraising event. KID supporters enjoyed wine samplings and light bites as we celebrated KID’s achievements in the beautiful Maya Romanoff Showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

    Thank You to Our Generous Donors!

    Champions ($15,000+)

  • Craig & Joleen Dudek
  • Defenders ($10,000-$14,999)

  • Georgian Partners
  • Linda Ginzel & Boaz Keysar
  • Protectors ($5,000-$9,999)

  • Lester & Edna Shapiro Family Foundation
  • Sammy’s Spirit Organization
  • Heroes ($2,500-$4,999)

  • GATX Corporation
  • Richard Larrick & Cynthia Monarrez
  • France Leclerc & Richard Thaler
  • William Prinzmetal
  • Danny & Anne Shapiro
  • Advocates ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
  • Eugene & Sally Fama
  • Kay Deaux & Sam Glucksberg
  • Susan Goldin-Meadow
  • Dawn & Shawn Kasserman
  • Don Mays
  • Jeremy & Janet McGee
  • Susan Nied
  • Danny Oren
  • Ayesha Rafique
  • Jill & Bob Tanz
  • Kristine & Brian Thiel
  • Lisa Turano
  • Sustainers ($500-$999)

  • Anat Admati & David Kreps
  • Leslie & Blake Batterson
  • BreathableBaby
  • Jeanne Brett & Steve Goldberg
  • Rose Cammarata
  • Suzanne & Harry Davis
  • Kevan Flanigan
  • Daniel T. Gilbert & Marilyn Oliphant
  • Anne Henly & Howard Nusbaum
  • Amy Hill
  • Amy & Kevin Hogan
  • Shawn Kasserman
  • John Lineweaver
  • Mazzetta Company, LLC
  • Michelle Million & Michael Ranney
  • Amy & Brian O'Connell
  • Marisol Pantoja
  • Chuck Porcelli
  • Drs. Kyran & Maura Quinlan
  • Judy & Mark Sage
  • Timothy & Jill Schlindwein
  • Karen Sheehan, MD
  • Marc & Noa Shinderman
  • Leslie & Steven Swibel
  • Drew & Jen Weller
  • Foundation Grants

  • Consumer Federation of America
  • Sylvia Ziontz Foundation
  • The Turano Foundation
  • In-Kind Donations

  • Illinois Action for Children
  • The Service Club of Chicago
  • Matching Gifts Companies

  • CDK Global
  • Google Matching Gift
  • Intel Foundation
  • Mastercard Employee Match
  • Samsung Electronics America, Inc
  • The Boeing Company
  • TransUnion
  • UL Employee Giving Program
  • William Blair & Co Charitable Matching Gifts Fund
  • Workplace Giving Campaigns

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • City of Chicago
  • Deloitte
  • Independent Charities of America
  • Hearst
  • UL Employee Giving Program
  • Guardians ($250-$499)

  • Don Kornblet
  • Deborah & Robert Z. Aliber
  • John Benedict
  • Marc Blumenthal & Sharon Veis
  • Julia Brady
  • Jane & Dennis Carlton Philanthropic Fund
  • Sarah Clarke & Omri Ben-Shahar
  • Mark Connelly
  • Hannah Costigan Cowles
  • Ellen Rudnick & Paul Earle
  • Ellen & John Engel
  • Alon & Ayelet Fishbach
  • Kathryn Fox
  • Kevin & Jojie Gallagher
  • Jim & Jenny Gillespie
  • Lawrence Golden & Sarah Cycotte
  • Noah Goldstein
  • Vasanthi Gowda
  • Varun Gupta
  • David Hoffman
  • Patricia La Malfa
  • Barry Lesht & Kay Schichtel
  • Susan & Michael Levine
  • Levittown Extraclassrom Activities
  • Tony Lim
  • Gale Lukat
  • Tanya Menon Gandhi & Prithvi Gandhi
  • Barry Cik
  • Michael Norton
  • Shehnaz Safiuddin
  • Sheila Shankar
  • Becca Stephen
  • Linda Erf Swift
  • Cyril & Jacqueline Thiel
  • Marcy A. Twardak
  • George Wu & Penny Visser
  • Matthew Wiesbrock
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Allies ($100-$249)

  • Pam Abrams & Paul Kligfield
  • David Baker
  • Elizabeth Bloomer
  • Charlene & Scott Bryeans
  • Thomas & Renee Buck
  • Heather Burke
  • Dini Burt
  • Kathleen Carpenter & John Gould
  • James Cascone
  • Barbara & Joel Cooper
  • David & Mary Costigan
  • Linda Covington & Steven Sloman
  • Ariela Keysar & Peter Coy
  • Sarah Crookston
  • Matthew Cunningham
  • Erich D'Andrea
  • Jason Dompeling
  • Colleen Driscoll
  • Jonathan Eig & Jennifer Tescher
  • Adeline Epstein
  • Deborah Epstein
  • Bob & Ann Farr
  • Thomas Finke
  • Mary Ellen & Tom Fise
  • Robert & Elizabeth Friedman
  • Terrie Jean Gale & Robert S. Adler
  • Joanne Gilbert & Mike Bishop
  • Elissa & Craig Goldsmith
  • Aaron Goltz
  • Angela Grossi
  • Linda Hayakawa
  • Benjamin Hoffman, MD
  • Brett Horn
  • Pamela Hoxsey
  • Robert & Frances Hughes
  • Edny Inui
  • Robert & Nancy Jackson
  • Nicole Kasserman
  • Leslie Kay & Maryellen Begley
  • Elliot Kaye
  • Edward & Shelley Keller
  • Sean Kenny
  • Jennifer Krut
  • Ajay Lakshman
  • Hannah Levine
  • Dr. Jean Lipman-Blumen
  • Mark Litton
  • Irene Lubin
  • Agnes Lugo-Ortiz & Diane Miliotes
  • Gretchen Mako
  • Lynn Marek
  • Geoff Martin
  • Amanda McFee
  • Tina Miller
  • Miner Enterprises
  • Jim Mittenzwei
  • Jayanthi Mittur
  • Vaishak & Cailyn Mittur
  • Victor Mor-Avi
  • Aromie Noe & Halsey Rogers
  • Roberto Paniagua
  • Sam & Nancy Peltzman
  • Mitchell & Beverly Petersen
  • Geoffrey & Laura Phillips
  • Lihi & Gadi Prudovsky
  • Jeff & Karen Raizen
  • Thomas & Christy Russell
  • Scott & Diane Salk
  • Kinsey Salvatore
  • David Schwartz & Corey Rosen
  • Nancy & Gregg Seiler
  • Poonam Sharma
  • Gail Siegel
  • Ralph Siegel
  • Barry & Tina Silverman
  • Mr.& Mrs. Gary Soffer
  • Stuart Family
  • Abigail & Jason Sussman
  • Katherine & Kenneth Tallering
  • Joseph Torres
  • Tim Travers
  • Benjamin Treves
  • Robert & Donna Weinstein
  • Ira Weiss
  • Andrew & Ellen Weller
  • Karen & John Wheatley
  • Jess & Mark Williams
  • Joan Winstein
  • David Zivan
  • Marvin Zonis
  • View More

    Supporters ($1-$99)

  • Eugenia Allegretti
  • Amazon Smile
  • Brigitte Anderson
  • Ashwin Avasarala
  • Cheryl & Wayne Baker
  • Nurjan Bakhit
  • Christina Balgeman
  • Joe Banyai
  • Bonnie Barber
  • Colin & Kristen Beck
  • Kevin & Melinda Bendle
  • David Bentkowski
  • Eve Biller
  • Jeffrey Blumenthal
  • Jordan Bolton
  • Ryan Bovyn
  • Joanne Bregman
  • Bethany Brown
  • Michael Butler
  • Kristen & Hailey Buton
  • Trell Byrd
  • Victoria Calvert
  • Lisa Caparella
  • Allison Casamer Kolesky
  • Virginia Chandler
  • Ewa Chelmicka-Schorr & Ian Schorr
  • Rosa Chester
  • Will Chung
  • Amy Cordell
  • Meghan Cornwell
  • Todd & Katie Dagenais
  • Courtney Davan
  • Lisa DeCaro
  • Emily DeMarco
  • Wayne Dieterle
  • Kim Dovitz Kerwin
  • Judith Dow
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  • George Foster
  • Amanda Freeman
  • Elliot & Tamar Frolichstein-Appel
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  • Intel Foundation
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  • Leslie Kaiser
  • Joshua & Adrienne Katke
  • Megan Kelly & Bill Wolf
  • Ed & Kay Kendall
  • Joseph Kesner & Dr. Kimberly Kesner
  • Hagit Keysar & Elad Orian
  • Janette E. Fennell
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  • Keri Brown Kirschman
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  • PayPal Giving Fund
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    KID only learns of some dangerous products from families whose children have experienced an incident with a hazardous product, or in the worst cases, been injured or killed—please share with KID your experience with products. We can help you make an impact on product safety for today’s children.

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